Low Testosterone: Is it a New Phenomenon or has it Always Been There?

Testosterone is considered to be the king of all male hormones. This hormone is produced inside the testes and its production is at its peak in a male’s late teens and the early 20s. Unfortunately, with age, natural testosterone production depletes by its very nature and this brings with it a whole array of potential health ailments that most men are affected by. Quite often, these ailments are not identified as being linked to low testosterone until now.
The term low testosterone is being used more and more frequently due to the fact that this problem has been the subject of numerous recent studies looking at its implications on overall male health. Just because this condition is making the headlines now and it wasn’t 20 years ago for instance, doesn’t mean that the problem didn’t exist back then. It is thanks to these studies, medical professionals are coming to the realization that testosterone plays many vital roles inside the male body that were previously unknown.

Low testosterone can be attributed to many common male health ailments including:

• muscle loss
• fat increase
• depression
• heart complications
• low libido
• gynaecomastia
• difficulties in maintaining concentration
• decreased fertility
• and the list just goes on…

Not only has this low testosterone phenomena brought specialist treatments such as testosterone replacement therapy into the spotlight; it has also triggered a brand-new supplements industry.

Testosterone replacement therapy for instance has been in the headlines in recent times for all the wrong reasons. From a growing list of lawsuits by litigants claiming that these treatments have done more harm than good, to recent controlled studies that have shown the potential dangers of administering synthetic versions of testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy has had a bit of a rough ride.

With all the bad press, low testosterone sufferers have been looking for alternatives.

Natural testosterone supplements have seen a rise in popularity because these products are presented as safer alternatives to the medically prescribed options. Natural testosterone supplements are designed to encourage the body to start producing more of its own testosterone without relying on external synthetic versions of the hormone being pumped into the body as is the case with testosterone replacement therapy.

So looking at all these developments, it’s quite possible that low testosterone has always existed, but maybe to a lesser extent in the past because there was less pollution; food was more natural because artificial preservatives and other chemicals were not used. Some leading medical professionals believe that it is these very food additives and air pollutants that have a direct effect on human health including affecting hormone levels and increasing cancer rates.

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