How to choose Mamas & Papas Armadillo Stroller

The Mamas & Papas Armadillo is a modern appearing a shopping mall, or top lightweight stroller that’s made for active parents who want to run errands, visiting the park. Many parenting sites have named it the greatest urban stroller. I definitely adore the deep one-hand recline that supplies a lot of room for a kid to extend. The EVA tires and all-wheel suspension will make a smooth ride in case. Parents who travel a lot will adore the simple one-hand fold and little footprint. It is even smaller than Britax B and City Mini -Agile. The stroller is super compact and ought to fit in the trunk that is tiniest. Above all, it weighs JUST 17 pounds! That is correct; it is a serious competitor for the favorites like B-Agile and City Mini. You may also use it with car seat.

For parents who would like to purchase stroller that is JUST one, the Armadillo may be the one. It is full of high-end features and has a slick design. There are also four other versions in the Armadillo family: Armadillo City Armadillo XT, Armadillo Flip, and Armadillo Flip XT. Here is my complete side by side comparison.

Additionally, I found that Papas & Mamas have actually examined the rivalry because in their review video they keep comparing the Armadillo version to B-Agile and City Mini. That shows you that they weren’t attempting to create just another stroller that is OK, but needed to make A FANTASTIC product. I also would like for fender bar and the cup holder to be contained.

It comes in 5 beautiful colours using a black framework that is trendy. I found that a black framework is a brand new tendency that lots of businesses are doing. I enjoy that new appearance.


-Big canopy. It’s a big canopy with a little pop-out sun visor that can supply total sunlight protection to your kid. In addition, it has a little peek-a-boo window made from clear plastic with a magnetic closing rather than a noisy Velcro. There’s a little toy loop on the interior of the canopy, which you can utilize to hang toys that are little for your infant. Mamas  & Papas are actually thinking about little details. I really believe that Armadillo has one of the finest canopies in the marketplace.

-Non-flexible handle bar. The non-flexible handle bar is situated 40″ from the earth and is covered with foam. There’s a convince hold in the middle for one-hand navigation as well as a short runaway strap for added security.

-Roomy seat. What I truly enjoy about this seat is the fact that the rear of the seat is created from tough plastic which will consistently keep its form and offer max support to your youngster. The seat has an unlimited one-hand recline worked by a strap system. By pulling on the straps it is simple to bring the seat back with JUST one hand.

It’s 5 point padded adjustable harness using a center release buckle.

By pulling the lever beneath it is simple to fix the leg rest. Its two locations: flat and angled down. It is an excellent attribute for smaller infants. They’ll have the ability to stretch their small feet and sit. What’s more, it creates excellent bed-like surroundings in case your kid need’s to take a rest.

-Big basket. The basket is only small, but is reachable from all four sides. The sides are made from stretchable net making it simple to get in. You need to have the ability to fit a diaper bag that is big with no issues. Parents with long legs will probably not be unhappy as the crossbar is situated substantially higher than on most of the strollers.

-Parking brake. There’s one pedal found on the best back wheel. It’s flipflop friendly.

-Wheels. The front wheels are swivel, but may be locked right for rougher terrain. The little wheels are made for flat surfaces and are great for visiting the mall or running errands round town.

The all-wheel suspension will absorb a number of the bumps in the event that you choose to undertake sand, mulch or grass.

-One-hand fold. The fold is simple. You can do them with one hand, although it is two measures. First, push on the handle bar forwards. Done! It’s a REALLY compact fold with measurements of 21.6″W x 28.3″L x 11.8″H. This stroller should fit in the tiniest luggage compartment free of trouble. It can stand on its own when folded and has an automatic lock. If I compare the fold with B-Agile or City Mini, this fold is not worse since the seat is shielded from all of the soil and is folded indoors.

-Travel System Alternative. Armadillo has travel system choice despite weighing just 17 pounds.


-No fender bar. I wish there was a fender contained.

-Non-flexible handle bar. It’d be fine to get an adjustable handle bar for parents that are substantially taller or shorter. It’d likewise set it apart from B-Agile and City Mini that have non-flexible handle bar too.

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