Chaiwali Finally In Town

Grabbing a massive attention from the social media with its catchy taglines and alluring graphics, Chaiwali was finally launched on Wednesday, 22nd March, 17.  Since I was a witness of this event, here are some insights of how Chaiwali served me, on its grand day.

Reached at the event fashionably late, I was happy to get the valet parking, since the event was loaded with guests. I was amazed by the eye catching truck art theme and cozy ambiance. The soothing music was perfect calmness for a hectic weekday evening. Also, the presence of bloggers from SWOT meant that the critical analysis for ambiance and food has been taken care of. Talking about food, the menu offered by Chaiwali is yummylious and affordable. While having my chai I was mentally imaging being made in a homely environment by a Khoobsurat Chaiwali.


The person behind Chaiwali, is Tajwar Baig who happened to be a little busy to meet a little blogger like me but I must say that she came up with a unique idea of introducing a Chaiwali in a world full of *walas*.

Located near sea view, Chaiwali promises to be a trendy new hang out place for karachietes like me. I will be visiting it pretty soon for the love of chai and food.

Special thanks to Team D for inviting me over.

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