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About Alex Carnerio
Alexandre Marx Carneiro born November 21, 1987 in Brasilia, Brasil is a Brazilian/American IFBB professional men’s physique, kinesiologist, nutritionist and celebrity coach

• If you had to define all that you do in a title, what would you say?
The beauty of life is that it changes. Change is something I welcome in my life. Even though there’s a few thing I do revolving the health, wellness and fitness industry at the end of the day I’m always trying to help others physically and mentally push themselves beyond what they believe they originally could. Coaching goes beyond the physical. Most people don’t realize that in order to change their bodies they need to first change their perspective of how they think and see life. Once that’s slowly done, than habits can be slowly also modified to help them in their lifestyle goals. So in a simple word I’d like to describe myself as an influencer.

• How would you describe your philosophy about being fit and healthy?
Nutrition is everything. Without the proper nutrition for your individual goals than forget about it. Spend hours in the gym and you still won’t see the results you want. That’s what people still don’t understand. I used to be a very one dimensional person when it came to nutrition. It was the hardcore old school bodybuilder talapia, chicken and low glycemic carbs or nothing. Over time I started changing that mindset and approached a more sustainable and realistic approach. That was flexible dieting. Now I don’t like the word diet in any vocabulary so I call it “real life eating”. I do keep track of my macros 95% of the week. Using my fitbit watch and my smartphone app I have a decent idea of the macros I am eating and my energy expenditure for that day. I believe everyone needs to find what works for them. Some athletes I know preach Paleo, others preach something else. At the end you need to see what works best for you by attempting these nutritional lifestyle. In the end it’s not a diet that’s going to make you happy. It will be a lifestlye.

• How did you get started creating your passion into the profession you have today?
I began at an early age. When I go back and think about it I wish I would have started even earlier but it was around the age of 17 going to 18 that my passion for working out started. Originally I don’t know if I did it because I wanted to look good for the girl but all I know is that my motivation was definitely bigger than that if I kept doing it for 11 more years afterwards. Once the results started showing and people around me starting noticing them I felt like I got hooked.

Fat Burner• What do you think about these products?
o Green Coffee Beans – Great for energy
o Green Tea –  Great antioxidant and wellness product if used correctly.
o Muscle Supplements – Great for those who know how to use them with their current goals

Any dietary supplement as the name implies should be used to supplement an already existing proper nutrition and exercise regimen. The problem lays were people want to use these products as miracle workers and “easier faster” ways to achieve their results. It’s simple really, look at a car, would you want to use normal tires during a snow blizzard? No.  You would either need chains. You are now supplementing the car with that it needs to travel in harsh conditions. The other use of supplementation should be used to make our lives easier in certain occasions like travel and very busy schedules. However they don’t work to it’s optimal efficiency without someone already feeding and training the body for their goals. That being said I always encourage everyone, no matter their goals to use a multiminera/vitamin and a fish oil supplement.

• Does Green Coffee Beans and Green Tea give the extra advantages to be fit or loss weight? 

To those are already eating correctly for their goals and training for their goals sure. If you think that you can eat and drink and take these supplements and still except great results than no.

• What do you think; does muscle supplement can help to build awesome body?
As previously mentioned, only if you are already putting in the work. Otherwise, no. They won’t do much. Give creatine to someone thinking it will gain them weight and they don’t train for strength or hypertrophy and don’t eat for that goal than it’s simply a waste of money. The other thing people must realize is that supplements are great for those who constantly put their bodies through any type of consistent training. The body will demand higher needs for these products. But if someone is just training once or twice a week without any efficiency than I wouldn’t’ recommend them. I would say spend the money in buying good quality food.

• What you favorite part of your profession you like?
They say that if you love what you do than it’s not a job. I agree. In my profession people usually seek money, I believe actually that applies to almost any job these days. However in my profession those who succeed at creating the lifestyle necessary to change both physically and mentally and than teach it to others will always be gratified with patrons that will never forget how much you helped them. That feeling knowing that you did something to help another person is priceless. If I could do it for free I would, however we all have our own bills and things we need in order to help us further become even better in life. I’m not talking about materialism, but knowledge expansion. Sometimes getting the resources for those things can cost. The beauty of my life is that I’ve traveled the world and I’m poli-lingual, so I get emails from all over the world from those who’ve I’ve been able to help.

• Who or What gives you the most inspiration?
Motivation should  always come from oneself. I don’t aspire to be anyone else but the best version of myself. However two names I can use as reference as people whom I listen too carefully and what they have said are Greg Plitt and Tony Robbins. These two have impacted so many lives and that’s the direction I would like to take with my own life.

• What makes you laugh, smile, and be joyful?
Laught – My Girlfriend
Smile – My girlfriend
Joyful – My girlfriend

These three things are hard in life and yet she constantly provides me with them. They can’t be bought and it’s when you find someone in your life that can provide you with the priceless things that you should keep and never let go.

• You’re all about making each workout count for the individual’s goals and unlocking your best self; what are the top 2 tips to do this?
Tip #1: Be open to new knowledge. What does this mean? Means that in order to progress we need to keep learning more. In order to learn more you must be open to new ideas, concepts and philosophies. Humans are like software, or at least we should be. The more we learn the more we update ourselves. As humans though we tend sometimes to make mistakes from our past. Software doesn’t. So I feel like if we can make mistakes, learn from them, avoid repeating them and be open to new things that will be one of the greatest things we can do to unlocking our best self.

Tip #2: Read Tip #1 again and understand it.

• How do your workouts differ from other workouts out there?
A lot of fitness models, athletes and enthusiasts follow a training strict regimen. I think it’s a phenomenal way to get started and not get overwhelmed. However after a decade of doing this I got bored one day. I didn’t want Tuesday to be leg day, Wednesdays to be shoulder day etc. I didn’t want to do the same exercises that in all due honesty weren’t making me a better athlete or three dimensional athlete. It was all for looks. I got over it. I had lost my passion for training. After that I decided that I would mix things up, change my style of training, focus on things I had never done before such as deadlifts, snatches, body weight movements, plyos and so on. My workouts these days are so much more passionate because I don’t always know what I will do. Don’t get me wrong, I have a clear idea of what muscle group I will train. But not the reps and sets etc. I will keep pushing in that specific workout until I feel satisfied. I don’t have a strict regimen anymore and I am open to several other styles of training; not just hypertrophy and strength training. The two things I am still strict about are cardio and core training. I enjoy these two in the am fasted and I will do them at least 4 times a week on the dot.  These days my workouts always consist of a powerlifting movement in which I won’t go higher than 4-6 reps. Some hypertrophy (size) focus training were the reps are around 8-12 and then I will either finish with some METCON circuits or HIIT style movements on the sled, battle ropes or farmers walk. Anything to keep me challenged.

• Do you have any tips or tricks to living healthy, lean, and fit?
I don’t. As I mentioned previously, it’s a lifestyle. There’s not trick to being successful in anything in life besides consistency and perseverance. If you make it a lifestyle than you don’t even have to put much thought into it. It just happens. Creating those habits can be challenging at first but once you get them going you’re on the path you’ve always wanted from day 1.  I could say, eat healthy, workout and blah blah blah, but we ALL know that, so how come we don’t all do it? Simple. Because the habits that we’ve created along our life are hard to change, but without challenge there is no change. With no change there is no growth.

• If a person wants to remain fit and don’t want to build body, what are your tips for that person?
It’s actually not complicated. First you must define what the word ‘fit’ means to you. If it means internally health and muscularly strong than you will train for strength and practice the habit of eating for your goals. If you define fit as cardiovascular health than you will create the necessary habits to do so. So first you must define what fit means to you. Secondly, to build muscle or a bigger body you must have a surplus of calories. People don’t tend to eat enough for this goal. So for anyone wanting to be fit and not grow bigger it’s a matter of training and eating for calorie maintenance. This just means you aren’t eating less than you burn and you aren’t eating more than you need.  So an average of what you expend in a day. A great tool to help here is a FitBit, more or less it gives users an idea of how many calories one is burning during the day based on Heart Rate and steps.

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